Tofer Moran | Creative Director

Just For Men



Just You.

The first phase of rebranding Just For Men was to change old-fashioned stigmas in a category struggling to resonate with a new generation of guys. There's an unspoken, outdated idea of men's hair color that still lingers in the minds of a lot of guys. On the flip side, these same guys are more comfortable maintaining their own personal style than ever before: from curating their wardrobe to using more personal grooming products. And these days, men are aware their look is a reflection of who they are on the inside. If Just For Men was going to change the surrounding culture, we needed to overhaul their entire image—to be a brand that gets style. And do it with authenticity. No BS. Just real guys who simply want to look like themselves. 


real dudes.
Real Results.

Despite the cultural challenges of men's hair color, there’s interest among a new set of modern guys, to get rid of their gray. Guys don't want to look old because they don't want to feel old. They need to be given the permission to use Just For Men without feeling like it's because they have a problem. But they need proof that the results are authentic and natural. So we found some actual guys who use the product to help ease the fear in the fence-sitter's mind. Then we made videos with them—both docu-style brand films as well as user-generated content—to tell their stories.


Made fast.
made easy.
made for Men.

We looked at a lot of search data surrounding Just For Men and men's hair color, and we realized guys still had a lot of questions. Is Just For Men complicated like women's hair color? How does it work? Is it easy? Is it fast? So we set out to answer those questions by way of a social content campaign using a mix of humorous and informative videos—all of which let guys know that everything Just For Men does is made to be easy, quick and look great. That it's made to fit a regular guy's lifestyle, schedule and grooming routine. Because it's made for men.