Tofer Moran | Creative Director
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Verizon Fios


Verizon fios

More. More. More.

When you're a Fios customer, you've already got the best internet and TV. But you might not know you can get even more. Like upgrading your router to get hundreds more feet of WiFi. Getting access to the hottest shows on premium channels. Or boosting your internet bandwidth to handle all your connected devices. So we created a TV campaign to highlight the benefit of each upgrade through visual storytelling—targeted specifically to Fios customers—with a simple message: upgrade and get the most out of Fios. 


But wait, there's more.

To further engage with customers and promote all the ways they can get more out of Fios, we developed an approach for quick-turn promo spots—one that could be flexible to deliver any message in a dynamic and interesting way as well as staying budget-friendly. We saw it as an opportunity to take hard-working messaging and make it easier on the eye.